For the retrieval of 100% of the PGM from scrap components or decommissioned plant, destructive PGM recovery is the most viable option.

As and when plants or individual components have reached their life expectancy and are scheduled for decommissioning or removal, they can be treated by more aggressive means for full PGM and scrap metal value.

Using aggressive chemical solutions under controlled and agreed methods, this process provides 100% PGM recovery.

RSBruce have undertaken more destructive PGM recoveries than anyone else in this industry, we were the 1st company offering destructive recovery of PGM materials over 30 years ago! 

Specialist Destructive Recovery

Destructive recovery entails the dismantling of plant and the cutting up of large items to facilitate efficient PGM retrieval which is carried out by our experienced specialists.

Our experience in this field is unmatched and we have a reputation for achieving the highest returns of metal for our customers around the globe. 

When shipped to our site for processing, equipment that will not fit into containers and cannot be re-sized on your site is packaged in a protective wrap to ensure there are no losses in transit.  This wrap remains in place until the equipment is inside our facility.

An image showing a Nitric Acid boiler wrapped in plastic film being lifted by crane
Moving a wrapped boiler shell into our facility

Project Management

The way in which a destructive processing is carried out is vitally important, it must be well organised, so that it is safe and so that the process of metal recovery is sound and there are no losses.

A dismantling plan is put together and strictly followed, so that each piece can be tracked through each step of the recovery process. 

Operating in a clean environment as we do at our facilities, ensures that we are able to keep track of not just the redundant plant’s parts, but also the dust and cutting slag created. 

As we are an ISO registered company you can be assured that we have externally audited quality control procedures in place covering our operations. 

An image showing how RSBruce carefully select and extract each part of a Nitric Acid pant for cleaning.
Every piece is carefully extracted and processed.

Safe Handling and Size Reduction

Large sections of the plant are handled easily and safely when you have the right equipment, large overhead cranes are essential for extracting and positioning items that weigh many tonnes. 

Large items are further reduced in size inside our facility so that they can be acid pickled in one of our pickling lines to ensure that 100% of the recoverable metal is contacted with acid for the optimal time.

After the parts have been pickled and further processed to remove all of the PGM residues there is a significant visual difference, the metal parts look almost like new. They are really clean!  

The PGM recovered is further processed for final recovery and refining, whilst the other metals, now in a clean state, are segregated by type sold for recycling for the best prices.

Boiler coils with PGM oxide scale prior to treatment.
You can see the build up on the coils of the PGM oxides

Totally Clean 100% of PGM Oxides Removed

After destructive processing to recover the PGM materials the steel from the boiler shell and coils are totally clean. Nothing can recover as much as destructive cleaning where everything is recovered from every surface.

BEWARE: Some operators that do not have the destructive capabilities or experience and facilities that we have may state that on-site jetting can recover more than destructive cleaning. This is simply not correct!

Boiler shett metal after cleaning by RSBruce to remove 100% of the PGM oxides

Stainless Steel boiler shell pieces after RSBruce processing

Boiler Tubes showing just how clean they are after processing to remove 100% of the PGM Oxides

Clean Heat-Exchanger tubes after RSBruce processing

Working with RSBruce on the recovery of your PGM materials.

For destructive recovery there are several options depending on how you would like to work with us :

Outright Plant / Component(s) Purchase. Based on our many years of processing we are able to make good calculations of potential value and offer the best prices in the market. 

Purchase of Scrap with Metals Share. We buy the plant based on the weight of scrap metal and we agree with you a share on the PGM recovered to cover our processing costs. 

Metal Share. We work based on our costs being covered by an agreed share of the PGM recovered

Price for Works. We simply charge for the costs associated with dismantling and processing. The Scrap metal and PGM recovered is then yours to realise the value from. 

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