Precious Metal Recovery from Solids

Precious Metals Recovery from Solids

Specialist in Precious Metal Recovery from Solids

Our clients are from a wide range of industries meaning that we recover precious metals from a diverse range of solids arising out of a wide range of inputs, applications, and industries. We have been recovering precious metals for over 30 years and have returned over £1.5Bn to our very happy clients. 

Examples of Solid Inputs for Precious Metal Recovery
  • Process Residues, Sludges and Filter Cakes.
  • Filter Media, Activated Carbon, Diatomaceous Earth & Ion Exchange Resins.
  • Filter Cartridges and Papers.
  • Cathode Plates, Gauzes, and PGM Coated Mesh.
  • Shot Blast Wastes and Overspray From PGM Coating.
  • Turbine Blades and Vanes.
  • PPE & Workwear.
  • Lab Smalls, Samples, Filter Papers, Filter Media.
  • Plant and Equipment.
  • Sweepings and Residues from Process Labs, Buildings, Concrete Floors, Wall Coverings and Roof Spaces.
  • Furnace Slag, Refinery Slag, Flue Dust and Sweepings.
  • Dentistry and Medical Wastes.
  • Jewelry Scrap, and Floor Sweeps.
  • Electronic Equipment and Specialist Components and Connectors.
  • Raschig rings and Support Structures from Nitric Acid Plants.
An image showing a number of cathode plates awaiting removal of the Iridium coating
Iridium coated titanium cathode plates
An image showing a number of Raschig rings and other items from a Nitric Acid boiler awaiting metal recovery.
Raschig rings with Pd for recovery
A photograph of a large quantity of turbine blades ready to have the Platinum coating removed.
Turbine blades with Platinum coating
Do you have metal that you would like to recover? or a precious metal recovery project that you would like to discuss? 

Please call us on +44 (0)114 244 8050 or e-mail us:, use our contact form or even drop in at our site in Sheffield.

Our metal recovery team are ready to discuss your requirements and look forward to hearing from you.

How we work.

Viability of recovery comes down to the amount and value of the metal present when considered against the costs of the processing to recover and refine the precious metal.

We work with you to determine the most cost-effective methods for your recovery that will give you the best returns. 

Most work starts with understanding more about your material and exact requirements. 

Once we understand your requirements then where possible we evaluate a representative sample of your material.

We do this evaluation this in our metallurgy lab to ascertain the metal content and best available technology for the recovery work.

Once this work is completed we are able to give costs indications and lead time etc.. 

An photograph of the inside of RSBruce's Metallurgy lab at their site in Sheffield.
RSBruce’s Metallurgy Lab in Sheffield
Once Your Metal is Recovered

If you are looking to retain title to your material rather than to sell your material, we are well placed to give you processing options.

Over 80% of our work is of this type. It gives our clients the visibility to see exactly how much metal they have, whilst retaining the most options for either returning that metal to an account or to sell at market rates.

Please Note:  “Just because we have processed your material this does not mean you have to sell it to us!”

Recover More Metal

Over 30 years’ history of recovering precious metals for customers and going strong. We have recovered in excess of 1.5Bn GBP worth of PGMs for our customers. We operate out of a 24Hr secure site in Sheffield, England. 

Please call us on +44 (0)114 244 8050 or e-mail us: Our team are ready to discuss your application and we look forward to hearing from you.

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