Platinum can be recovered from a wide range of sources. We can help you to recover your platinum effectively from industrial plant, equipment, devices, bi-products, sludge, filter cakes, spent catalysts, plated items, spluttering discs and more…

Platinum is not an easy metal to recover efficiently without significant losses. RSBruce have many years of experience working with this precious metal resource, so your metal is in safe hands.

We recover more metal. 

Over the last 35 years we have recovered in excess of 40 Metric tonnes of Platinum Group Metals.

Typical Sources of Platinum for Recovery

  • Industrial Residues
  • Medical Devices and Wires
  • Spent Catalysts in Solution or Solid Form
  • Platinum Wire Scrap
  • Turbine Blades and Aerospace Parts
  • Industrial Scrap
  • Sputtering Targets
  • Plating Scrap
An image showing a large quantity of high pressure turbine blades awaiting processing to remove the platinum coating
Turbine blades before Platinum recovery processing


In our 35 years recovering Platinum Group Metals, RSBruce has developed many novel processes to meet the requirements of the materials received. 

For example, for one of our pharmaceutical clients we have been able to recover the Platinum from 120,000 litres of chemical waste, where the metal content was under 100ppm. ( <0.01% ) 

The typical recovery methods employed for recovery of Platinum include Chemical Treatments such as Dissolution, Precipitation, Acid Pickling, Acid Leaching and Ion Exchange.

In other cases, Platinum recoveries require mechanical methods such as surface abrasion or thermal processes such as incineration or calcination

We have a wide range of equipment and processing capabilities at our site in Sheffield built up over many years so we can offer you the correct solution, not just the solution we have! 

An image of an industrial ION Exchange Unit at RSBruce in Sheffield
Ion Exchange Unit – used for recovering dissolved metals from bulk liquids

Is anything possible ? 

Unfortunately not. Recoverability comes down to one thing and that is the economic viability.

In some cases, the costs of recovery outweigh the return in metal value so it is necessary to view each recovery on a case by case basis. 

We have a vast experience in recovering precious metals and are happy to discuss any projects large or small.

RSBruce have been recovering precious metals from over 30 years, so please feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have, our friendly and knowledgeable team are waiting for your call. 


An image showing the ash produced after incinerating material containing platinum metal
Incinerator ash containing high levels of Platinum

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